Proving increasingly popular for many visitors to the Dominican Republic, self-catering accommodation really
does provide a home and not a simple room. You have the total freedom to plan your day as you wish and to
enjoy the holiday of your choice - whether you are interested in all kind of watersport, walking, casinos,
nightlife, horseback riding ,windsurfing, golf or shopping, you have the freedom to indulge your interests.
Our administration will help you to make the most out of your holiday in Sosua. Whether you are visiting the
Dominican Republic for the first time or making a return visit, you will find outstanding beauty in our beautiful
land of contrasts, activities as diverse as the scenery and a very warm welcome. Simply book direct with us and
enjoy your beautiful accommodation. Send us an email messages (or telephone) to discover availability, prices
and other details - we can tell you far more details and infos. Why stay self catering? What better way to
benefit from the freedom to come and go as you please, meet friendly Dominican people and all at great value
for money.
Self Catering vacationing allows you to step out of being a tourist and step into the lifestyle and the culture of
our country.

Rental Hints and Tips for a great self catered vacation :
The idea of a self catered vacation renting a local home or apartment by the week or month in the Dominican
Republic - is catching on big time, especially in places like Sosua.

Self catering can save you money, especially if you eat some of your meals in, and allows you to explore an
area more fully than you might if you were stuck in hotels. You can have the experience of going to the local
open air market and actually planning a meal rather than just gawking.

"Villa Brigitte" vacation rentals offer excellent examples of traditional dominican construction, often featuring
recent restorations that bring out the finest details of local housing construction combined with modern facilities.

There is more space and privacy in a villa or apartment than in an hotel. Facilities in a vacation rental also
provide all the comfort and convenience that you would expect when staying in an hotel.
Our beach villas and apartments are also available with many luxuries on request:
Maid service, cooks to make the evening meal, a swimming pool. Some large groups may hire a van and driver
or private tour guides.

Value For Money :
Self catering apartments and villas are cheaper than equivalent hotel accommodation and considerable savings
can be made, particularly when there are two or more people. Additional savings can be made by preparing
meals in the fully equipped kitchens in each vacation unit. Also, telephone charges tend to be less than hotels.

Whether you are a business traveler or on vacation in the Dominican Republic, a serviced vacation rental is a
wise choice that gives you the privacy of a home, more space than a hotel suite and better value for your money.

Our apartments, villas and Beach bungalows are designed to make living comfortable for travelers who come to
the Dominican Republic for short and medium term stays - from a couple of nights to six months or more.

Do you want more from your stay in Sosua and Cabarete than can be offered by a hotel? Choose to stay at an
apartment, or villa and take advantage of having your own living area, bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen and
bathroom, at the same time saving up to 40 percent in comparison to hotel rates.

Self catering vacation rentals have been popular in the Dominican Republic for decades. Americans are
increasingly discovering this travel alternative. Our courteous and friendly staff stands ready to personally
care for your needs.
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